Firecross is a recognized's FCI Kennel


We select the Staffordshire Bull Terrier with passion and professionalism, respecting the official standard and health.

Our subjects are descended from the best uk bloodlines, so we base our selective work on three fundamental points: fairness morphological structure, good temperament, and health. Our dogs are an integral part of our family and we guarantee the highest level of health care so we expect the same commitment from who decide to share their life with one of our puppies.

health management

Our dogs are tested for hereditary genetic diseases L2HGA and HC (read here). The puppies leave home with the copy of original Antagene certificate of both parents.

Particular attention must be paid to breathing: EXCLUSIVELY, subjects who do not have BAOS (Brachycephalic Onstructive Airway Syndrome) will be used in reproduction, ensuring that the offspring can always enjoy excellent breathing.

Bite also is an important role in our selection. Dogs that develop with malocclusions (crossbite, enogatism, progratism, etc.) are excluded from reproduction and destined for a beautiful family life.


It is our primary interest to implement cyclic veterinary prophylaxis in order to ensure a perfect health status for all dogs, especially for future mothers; in this way the puppies that will be born will not suffer from the weakening caused by parasites and other diseases (viruses, etc).

Therefore, all of our adults are vaccinated regularly, subjected to prophylaxis, antiparasitic exteriors and wormwood for ascaridi, coccidi, giardiasi.

puppy request


- Puppies will not be given to people who wish to use them for reproductive project without having the necessary skills and knowledge in SBT, breeding and selection.

- Before making a puppy reservation effective, a preliminary meeting will be required at our Kennel if is possible.




During the sales agreement we deliver a document listing our client's rights and duties. Each dog will always be ceded with health documentation that exempts her from genetic hereditary test, good health after careful medical examination, internal parasite treatments, vaccines for major viral infections.

If within 10 days of the puppy's cession it has occult disease manifestations, we will solve the problem and no expense will be charged to the client.

We are available 24 / 24h for ANY NEEDS. We like to follow our customers at 360 ° C for everything that concerns health, nutrition, education and eventual exhibition career.

To make the experience with a Stafford puppy easier, we have developed a guide that sets out the basic guidelines for its growth.

in the end...

What we deliver when the puppy leaves our home:

- Microchip and registration

- Export Pedigree

- Health book with 2 vaccination, rabies vaccination (at 90 days old), warts for anchilostomas, ascarids and coccidias

- L2HGA and HC Antagene certificates

- Veterinary certificate of good health

- Passport

- Puppy Kit with food and toys